Core Technologies

This process is a unique combination with updates applied to three technologies that had been proven for generations for other purposes. In a single unit operation Heartland’s LM-HT® Concentrators routinely handle broader ranges of contaminants in influent than non-evaporative processes, and go far beyond the capabilities of volume reduction that can be achieved in conventional evaporation equipment. The uncomplicated design of LM-HT® Concentrators positively eliminates fouling of heat exchangers as one of the primary features that allows the process to perform reliably and continuously with minimal maintenance and labor input. When combined with Heartland’s Flex-Energy® technology our wastewater concentration process uses most any combination of renewable fuels and/or waste heat as principal energy sources to drive the process, another major advantage over other options.

In the Flex-Energy® configuration use of waste heat from power plants and compressor stations seamlessly converts new or existing projects into combined heat and power (CHP) systems, while heretofore difficult to treat wastewater can be reduced to solids that may be managed in landfills resulting in zero liquid discharge. Further, clean water that can be recovered from the process can be applied to reduce industrial dependence on limited drinking water supplies.

Below is a flow chart illustrating the process:

Concentrator Process Flowchart