New Technologies

Experience amassed through our management team’s more than 150 years of hands-on experience is memorialized in patents and pending patents that form the core of a robust Intellectual Property (IP) Management Program owned by Heartland Technology and administered by Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP. The same “simple, reliable and effective” principles applied in our evaporative processes that have re-written the book on managing landfill leachate and produced water within three short years’ of intensive development activities can be adaptively applied to broad spectrums of important contemporary water management challenges.

HTP’s perspective is based on appreciation of the laws nature and clear understanding that many processes fail based on stubborn commitments to systems aimed at bending natural laws within complex technology that frequently fails the test when viewed in real-world terms; i.e., efficiency, cost and reliability. Within the context outlined herein, targeted markets for HTP’s existing IP include all of the following:[1]

  • Low profile cooling towers with reduced make-up water requirements
  • Air strippers with self-cleaning features
  • Air strippers equipped with recovery units for substances including ammonia
  • Enhanced pond evaporators
  • Enhanced pond aerators
  • Desalination systems for seawater and brackish water sources
  • Evaporators for reclaiming land used for industrial evaporation ponds as green fields
  • Managing cooling tower and boiler blowdown while mitigating discharges to POTW’s
  • Managing runoff from livestock and agricultural lands
  • Integrated scrubbing and material recovery from air emission sources such as FGD
  • Landfill leachate treatment integrated with H2S and NH3 emissions control
  • Sequestration of valuable or harmful substances integrated with wastewater treatment
  • Portable leachate treatment systems for multi-site uses
  • Portable evaporative treatment systems for managing spills or reclaiming secondary containment systems during unusual storm events


[1] If not the target for the technology, recovery of clean water for reuse is possible within many of the listed uses.