Custom Heavy Brine

Heavy Brine in Oil & Gas Operations Overview:  Development of tight natural gas and oil fields worldwide has surged in the last decade and is poised for tremendous future growth based upon the drive toward energy independence and ever-newer technology to recover natural gas and oil from shale deposits.

The Challenge: These activities coincide with mounting public and regulatory agency concerns over environmentally responsible production methods and produced water management.

The HTP Solution:  Heartland Technology is uniquely positioned to assist companies with solving these challenges.  Utilizing our reliable LM-HT®1 produced water concentrators, Heartland offers clients the opportunity to both treat produced water (at 250,000 ppm and higher total solids) and manufacture Heavy Brines at a client-specific desired density ranging from 10-12.5 lbs./gallon.

Multiple Uses: Heavy Brines have a variety of uses throughout the lifecycle of oil and gas operations, including:

  • Frost Protection: From set-up through completion of the frac and drill-out operations to keep any fluidized equipment from freezing, Heavy Brines are a valuable and necessary fluid in cold weather drilling, completion, and production operations.
  • Increased Formation Pressure: Heavy Brines are used in well interventions and work-overs on the principle that the hydrostatic head of the fluid suppresses and manages the downhole pressure of the formation gases and fluids.
  • Increased Recycling and Resource Recovery: Heavy Brines are blended year-round as a cost-effective means of recycling rather than disposing of produced fluids.
  • Cost Reduction: The integration of Heavy Brines into operations reduces produced water transportation and disposal volumes and costs.
  • Underground Injection Wells:  Heavy Brines increase the hydraulic advantage and asset capacity for underground injection well operators.
This panoramic view shows waste heat connections to six compressor engines and the building that houses Heartland’s LM-HT® concentration system.

Produced water treatment & heavy brine manufacturing facility, North central, PA (PA DEP Region IV).