The Heartland Concentrator™ featuring Flex-Heat™ uses the thermal energy from a variety of heat sources including gas turbines, reciprocating engines, and biogas flares to evaporate challenging industrial waste waters using an adiabatic process.  

Flex Heat™ is a key defining feature of Heartland’s technology and capability. As part of our commitment to environmentally responsible solutions, Heartland is dedicated to the effective use of otherwise wasted energy sources. Flex-Heat™ represents our overall design philosophy to capture and productively utilize waste heat and unconventional fuel sources.

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Flex-Heat™ Configurations

Flex-Heat Bio Gas

Heartland’s Flex-Heat Bio Gas configuration uses biogas flares in conjunction with lower quality biogases (such as landfill gas) to create thermal energy for evaporation.

Flex-Heat Flare Gas

Heartland’s Flex-Heat Flare Gas configuration uses a natural gas flare to create thermal energy for evaporation.

Flex-Heat CHP

Heartland’s Flex-Heat CHP configuration safely and seamlessly captures the hot exhaust gases from turbines and reciprocating engines and uses this thermal energy for evaporation of industrial waste waters directly inside the Heartland Concentrator™ without the need of a heat exchanger. With the Flex-Heat CHP™ configuration, customers can convert new or existing distributed power projects into combined heat and power (CHP) solutions to maximize energy efficiency.

Flex-Heat Hybrid

Heartland’s Flex-Heat Hybrid CHP™ configuration brings ultimate flexibility and value to customers running reciprocating engines and gas turbines. The Flex-Heat Hybrid CHP™ configuration supplements hot exhaust from engines/turbines with thermal energy from a biogas flare. This configuration allows customers to benefit from increased energy efficiency and offers the flexibility to increase evaporation capacity when facing wastewater volumes that exceed the thermal capacity of the engines/turbines.

Flex-Heat Flue Gas

Heartland’s Flex-Heat Flue Gas is a proven configuration in which Power Plant flue gas is redirected to provide thermal energy for evaporation. Challenging FDG waste water is evaporated in a cost-effective solution which requires significantly less capital investment than alternative options. By setting simple operating parameters, the Flex-Heat Flue Gas™ configuration allows the Heartland Concentrator™ to be set to evaporate the desired amount of water, meeting zero liquid discharge requirements when necessary. This robust operational flexibility is critical in a dynamic world of changing water chemistry and uncertain regulatory requirements.