NEWIN Webinar: Solving real-world issues managing landfill leachate


The webinar has been completed. Thanks to all of our presenters for a very informative and well received presentation!

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Date: Friday March 30th @ 2PM-3PM EST


Management of landfill leachate is estimated as a $2Bn market globally. Management of landfill leachate is a complex problem impacting both landfill operators and publicly owned treatment works. Leachate characteristics vary dramatically from site to site and over time. Leachate is frequently discharged to local publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) because of the cost and complexity of on-site treatment. Additionally, some POTWs have stopped accepting leachate due to nutrient loadings, interference with UV disinfection, or capacity challenges. This webinar will help develop an understanding of the challenges landfill operators and POTWs have within this market-segment and the opportunities available to technology developers and solution providers.


 Dr. Stephanie Bolyard – Research and Scholarships Program Manager, Environmental Research and Education Foundation.

Rohan Menon - Director of Environmental Protection, Waste Management, Inc.

Kevin Torrens, BCEEM – Vice President, Brown and Caldwell.

Earl Jones - CEO, Heartland Water Technology, Inc.