2018 Waste Expo

We are excited to meet  you! Please join us in Las Vegas at booth #4279 this year!

We will look forward to understanding the challenges you face in treating landfill leachate. 

Our Heartland Concentrator  offers unique benefits for MSW applications:

  • Processes the widest range of waste water chemistries with no pretreatment
  • Uses waste heat from turbines, engines, flue gas, or direct-fired burners
  • Delivers best-in-class availability
  • No heat exchangers or membranes, thereby preventing scale, fouling and corrosion
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX

About Heartland

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Heartland Water Technology, Inc.  develops and markets proprietary wastewater treatment technology.  Heartland has developed an innovative direct-contact heat exchange technology that is a simple, robust and reliable treatment solution for landfill leachate.  

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