kevin torrens

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Mr. Torrens has over 35 years of experience in the management and treatment of complex industrial wastewaters including leachate. He has been primarily focused on all aspects of leachate management for the past 10+ years including fundamental research, regulatory aspects and technology application.

In his presentation, Kevin will highlight:

  • Leachate characteristics and current and future disposal impediments
  • Working with POTWs
  • Managing unusual site liquids

rohan menon

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Mr. Menon has expertise in wastewater engineering and environmental compliance services to a wide variety of industries such as landfills, specialty chemicals, groundwater remediation, pharmaceutical, and refineries. Waste Management operates over 250 active landfill sites in the US.

In his presentation, Rohan will highlight:

  • Size of the market opportunity for solution developers
  • Leachate management solutions / options available to landfills
  • Drivers in the decision-making framework

Stephanie bolyard

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EREF was established to fund and direct scientific research and educational initiatives for waste management practices to benefit industry participants and the communities they serve. Stephanie will present insight on a national research project to understand the complexity of leachate management in the US.

The goal of Stephanie’s project is to collect data from landfills across the U.S. that includes leachate quantity and quality, management practices (e.g., on-site and off-site treatment). Results from this study will provide insight to the following types of questions:


  • Does geographic location affect leachate volume or treatment strategies?
  • What factors influence whether or not a landfill is allowed to discharge to a POTW?
  • Are commonly used empirical rules of thumb (e.g. leachate generation per acre) accurate for sizing treatment processes?

What technology options are available on the market to address specific treatment goals?

Earl jones

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Earl Jones is the Chief Executive Officer for Heartland Water Technology, Inc.  Heartland provides technical solutions to treat challenging waste waters. In his presentation Earl will discuss:

  • Impacts of changing leachate management policies on landfill operators
  • Technical options for on-site treatment
  • Opportunity to integrate on-site leachate treatment with distributed power generation