The challenges of  Leachate Management in Municiple Solid Waste (MSW)landfills today are mounting. Heartland Water Technology's LM-HT® Concentrators offers a proven solution to manage leachate challenges with the lowest life-time cost-to-treat in the industry.

Challenges in Leachate Management

  • “It just keeps coming!”
  • Steadily rising treatment and/or disposal costs
  • Rising Uncertainty/Cost for POTW disposal
    • Regulations, Strength, Visibility, Ammonia, Emerging Contaminants of Concern
  • Continued diligent regulator enforcement
  • Less recirculation / more dewatering

On-site treatment with Heartland’s LM-HT® Concentrators using waste heat from landfill flares or exhaust from on-site power-generation plants gives the landfill owner a reliable and cost effective solution.

A proven solution for Landfill Leachate Evaporation

  • A decade of customer success with MSW leaders, municipalities and independents
  • Strong record for Safety and Reliability
  • Widest operating range to deal with leachate quality and volume variability
  • Flex-Heat™ solution uses biogas flares, thermal exhaust engines/turbines , or both simultaneously (Hybrid Flex-Heat™)
  • Maximize landfill gas value with Flex-Heat
  • Modular, skid-mounted solution easy to deploy with minimal site preparation required
  • “Future-Proofing” ZLD solution eliminates risk of future regulatory tightening
  • Exceptionally easy to operate—no water chemistry experience required