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Kirkwood, Missouri – October 10, 2016 – Heartland Technology (Kirkwood, MO), a global water technology company that develops innovative products to solve some of the world’s most challenging wastewater problems, is pleased to announce the appointment of water industry veterans to key executive leadership positions

Earl Jones, Chief Executive Officer
Nick Dyner, Chief Commercial Officer
Shubha Inamdar, Chief Financial Officer
Susan Portin, Vice President, Corporate Development

Mr. Jones, Mr. Dyner, Ms. Inamdar and Ms. Portin join founder & Chief Operating Officer Craig Clerkin, and founder & Chief Technology Officer Bernie Duesel to round out the Heartland Executive Team.

Mr. Jones joins Heartland as Chief Executive Officer. He is formerly a senior executive at GE, serving in a number of leadership roles, including global commercial leader for GE Water & Process Technologies. Mr. Jones is a co-founder and founding chairman for the New England Water Innovation Network (NEWIN), an advisory board member at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and regularly speaks on water issues and challenges across the globe. He is a partner at Liberation Capital and served honorably as an officer in the United States Navy’s Submarine Force. He holds a B.S. in electrical engineering (EE) from the United States Naval Academy, as well as an M.S. in electrical engineering/computer science and an MBA, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Mr. Jones currently resides in Boston.

Mr. Dyner joins Heartland as the Chief Commercial Officer. Mr. Dyner formerly led all commercial activity for LG Chem Water Solutions, a company formed through LG’s acquisition of NanoH2O, a venture-backed manufacturer of Reverse Osmosis membranes.  For six years at NanoH2O, Mr. Dyner developed the company’s sales and brand strategy, led the first product launch, and personally conducted business in over 40 countries.  Prior to NanoH2O, Mr. Dyner spent five years at GE Water & Process Technologies, where he was a product manager for GE’s Build, Own and Operate (BOO) product line. Mr. Dyner holds B.S. degrees in economics and history from Cornell University and resides in Los Angeles.

Ms. Inamdar joins Heartland as the Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Inamdar is a chartered accountant (India) and has passed the certified public accountant (CPA) exam. She has deep financial domain experience in controllership, tax, FP&A and capital structuring. Ms. Inamdar spent six years at GE, where she was the Chief Financial Officer for the thermal product line at GE Water & Process Technologies, and the commercial risk leader at GE Transportation. Ms. Inamdar holds an MBA from MIT and a Bachelor of Commerce from Pune University. Ms. Inamdar will be based in Boston.

Ms. Portin joins Heartland as Vice President, corporate development. Ms. Portin has more than 25 years of diverse global experience as a corporate attorney, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) specialist, senior business leader and strategic management consultant. Ms. Portin was formerly the lead M&A lawyer and a business unit general counsel at Campbell Soup Company, served as a strategic risk and compliance consultant with PwC, and ran a successful consulting practice focused on strategy, M&A and risk for over 10 years. Ms. Portin holds a B.A. in political science from Union College, an M.S. in public relations from Boston University and law degree from Emory University. Ms. Portin resides in Boston.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the future of Heartland Technology” says Earl Jones. “For the past eight years, the Company has developed, optimized and commercialized a truly differentiated solution for treating challenging waste waters such as landfill leachate, power plant scrubber water and oilfield produced water, among many others. The ability to deliver zero liquid discharge solutions in a single unit operation that is safe, simple, rugged, reliable and cost effective is exactly what the industry needs and has been looking for.”

The Heartland Concentrator™ is a direct contact evaporator that eliminates the fouling and scaling problems associated with other brine concentration solutions while using low-cost materials of construction. The proprietary and patented process requires little to no pre-treatment and can concentrate brine to a solid without the need of a back-end crystallizer. “The development program that led to the Heartland Concentrator began with a blank sheet of paper. The goal was to design the most universal process for aqueous wastewater treatment while setting new standards for combined performance, reliability, economy, mobility and environmental impact” says Bernie Duesel.

“Industrial waste waters are notoriously difficult to treat.” says Nick Dyner. “It’s not enough for a solution to work in a controlled piloting environment –it must be rugged, simple, and work in harsh, real-world conditions. What convinced me about the technology was not the Company’s claims but hearing our customers describe how simple and reliable the solution is and, most importantly, how much money we are saving them. We often describe our solution as having been ‘Built by Operators for Operators’ and after listening to our customers, I get it.”

“A company is only as good as its team, and the Heartland team is fantastic.” says Earl Jones “Joining such a great team, having the confidence and support from our board and investors, and having such amazing leaders as Nick, Shubha and Susan joining us on the journey is both an honor and quite humbling.”

About Heartland Technology

Heartland Technology develops innovative solutions for treating the world’s most challenging waste waters. Its platform technology, the Heartland Concentrator™, has a proven eight-year track record of successfully treating a variety of difficult to treat industrial wastewaters including landfill leachate, FGD scrubber water and oil & gas produced water. Heartland’s packaged systems are rugged, simple, and effective, and deliver the lowest lifecycle treatment costs.

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Inquiries and question about Heartland Technology should be sent to: John Weigold, Director of Marketing, at 617.823.8097 or jweigold@heartlandtech.com